About Us

Our Mission statement to our customers is that we promise on time delivery, best quality and competitive prices. ESE Knitwear Ltd. Has emerged as a leader in the sweater industry in Bangladesh because of our high business ethics and commitment to excellence. While we are strictly professional in conducting our business, we also strive to set the highest standards in regards to the welfare of the employees and the community.

Quality Assurance

Our product quality is assured in every steps of our production process. That is from samples till packaging for shipment. Our advanced management team along with the well-trained and well-experienced Quality controllers assures the best quality of our products.

Our expert team of merchandisers and design technicians ensure customers satisfaction, from development of samples to taking corrective measures during production.

Floor Space                      : 180,000/sqft
Factory Worker                : 2,000 Persons
Production & Office Staff  : 70Persons
Fire Fighting Equipment   : Fire extinguisher machine, Fire beater,

Special Feature

i) First aid & outer necessary medical assistance is provided among the workers free of cost.
ii) No child labor (below age of 18) employed in the factory.
iii) Govt. labor law/BGMEA rules & regulation are strictly followed.
iv) Fresh & pure drinking water is supplied among the workers.
v) Enough fresh room and toilet are available in the factory.
vi) There are two staircases with the factory building